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The Carol City Come-Up: Denzel Curry Interviewed

“I didn’t want to end up as that guy that everyone was like ‘Oh that’s the dude who had that one hit.’ I want to carry a legacy,” Denzel Curry says passionately reflecting on his meteoric rise over the last couple of years. Since Clash last sat down with Denzel, he’s gone on to release his second album ‘Imperial’, a double EP entitled ‘Planet Shrooms/32 Zel’, sold out countless shows across the US and Europe and had his music featured on an advert for Adidas. Last year was arguably Denzel’s biggest in terms of exposure, with the aforementioned commercial amassing over 750,000 views, and his track ‘Ultimate’ also becoming the official soundtrack for the viral sensation that was the ‘bottle flip challenge’.

2016 also saw Curry gain recognition from fans and critics alike, including a spot on XXL Magazine’s infamous Freshmen list, a decision that Denzel thought should have been made in the years prior. “I always thought I should’ve had the cover in 2015, I always tell people that. Everything happens for a reason, and it was all about timing, I can’t be mad about timing!” And indeed patience was a virtue for the young Miami native, who never initially set out to prove his worth as a rapper; “it was just getting all my aggression out, it wasn’t about proving anybody wrong it was a release” he continues. “I was going through some things at that time and I just felt like I should express myself instead of destroying myself, which would eventually lead to me being known by nobody”.

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