• Mike Wood

Bryson Tiller Interview For EARMILK

In the music world today, it’s incredibly easy for an artist to create one track that sends their careers heading into the stratosphere, only for the follow up to send them crashing straight back down to earth with a bump. Longevity is something that all artists strive to achieve, and one person who’s had a meteoric rise to fame in the past year or so, is Kentucky native Bryson Tiller. The multi talented Louisville artist has had a whirlwind 12 months, from sleeping in his car trying to make ends meet, to performing at shows across the USA & Europe, as well as dropping a top 10 album in the shape of the bumpin’ Trapsoul, Tiller has seen his stock rise through the roof, all within the space of a year. Amongst the tens of millions of Soundcloud plays and Youtube hits, as well as gaining a legion of diehard fans, Bryson has managed to always keep himself to himself, rarely making outlandish statements to the media, and keeping a firm head on his shoulders. EARMILK sat down with arguably the hottest young talent emerging from the scene at the moment to see just how he keeps himself so grounded, and what it’s like to suddenly go from a struggle, to living comfortably.

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