• Mike Wood

Back To The Roots: Omertà Inc Interviewed

“Digital is the most popular format right now, but people still crave something that they can hold, something they can look at; a piece of art really - people still want that.” London natives James Batsford and Sam Gilbert, have been working for the past few years on making their own mark on the music industry, and alongside day jobs working at indie labels have created Omertà Inc, a bold and brave new venture to deliver digital classics as tangible masterpieces. 

Over the last few years vinyl sales have been on the rise; one week last December vinyl even outsold digital downloads for the first time ever. The physical format has become somewhat of a trophy for a generation of digital consumers have everything at their fingertips. “You’ll find a lot of people that buy vinyl don’t even play them,” James admits. “It’s more like a collectors item: people want something that’s not readily available. It’s similar to how streetwear brands such as Supreme work.” 

Given that Omertà was forged from the pair’s mutual love of hip-hop, the exclusivity of a streetwear business model seems fitting. “I think [the relationship between] fashion and hip-hop [is closer than ever right] now” Sam offers, before expanding on Omertà’s master plan. “The first Thursday of each month we’re going to announce one or two new releases, and we want people to recognise that as our thing; as the day Omertà is going to drop something new.”

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